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What to do during the holidays..

The holiday season is when all industry professionals including clients and agencies will slow right down and even shut their offices. This is usually when you have more time to ponder your application and look into joining an agency. If you’ve been submitting your photos and hearing nothing or receiving out of office auto replies, don't drive yourself crazy.

Tip for the future:

All agencies are closed on major holidays, especially December/January #NewYears. The #fashion world shuts down and every one is on #holiday #holidaymode #vacation

Be patient and enjoy the time off as well. Don’t call the agency or the personal number that’s on the auto reply. That number is for emergencies only. We appreciate your eagerness but let us reboot with families and take a vacation too. Use your spare time to source new photographers, makeup artists and stylists... why not see if you can collaborate with them and update your images during the holidays? You can never have enough experience in front of the camera. Take inspiration from the latest magazines #pinterest #editorial #commercial #models and practice your posing in front of people - particularly with someone who has a camera. Doesn't matter if its a phone camera. Practice with friends. Use a plain wall behind you. Never use a bathroom or a bedroom to take selfies. Learn what it means to take a digi (digital image with no makeup and in a plain coloured swimsuit or plain skinny jeans and top shoe string top) which needs to be current all the time. A client will ask for current digis every time they want to book a job with you. They will want to know your current measurements (height, bust/chest, waist, hips, shoe, dress/suit). It is up to you to provide them quickly. This business has a fast turn around from the moment a client contacts the agency, to when the job is booked. Many jobs have been lost by models who didn't get back to us ASAP with their updated measurements. Use the holiday to raid mums sewing kit and look for a measuring tape. Learn the correct place to measure yourself. Know your height accurately.

Do the things that make you happy. Practice patience. Be ready. Enjoy your time off.

All images by Elsa Dillon, Richard Dillon, Gem Dillon and their ace team. Bree featured in 7Hues magazine.

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