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So.. you want to be a model?

Do you have what it takes to work in the competitive industry?

To start: Please submit your digitals/polaroids/snapshots. No hats, no sunglasses, no makeup and no duckface please. No fake lashes, no fake nails and no fake tan either. This can be the simple key that opens the door for you to the modelling world. Sending in simple digis worked for beauty Doutzen Kroes. Miranda Kerr's friend sent in snapshots to Dolly magazine for a competition and that was just the beginning for the girl from Gunnedah.

Photos are best by simply posing in front of a blank white wall, using a phone camera. You do not have to pay for professional photos at this stage. Agents and scouts have a good eye and know the potential of a model when they see the raw images. Please, don't wear makeup in your digitals and wear your hair as you would naturally. Please don't airbrush the images or edit them in any way. As a model, you are a blank canvas. Agencies need to see what YOU look like. Wear form fitting jeans and a top (think skinny jeans and tight singlet/tank top/shoestring straps), no logos or distracting patterns, no jewellery and always wear nude coloured heels. A professional model knows how to stand on tippy toes for extra leg length. For male models, wear form fitting jeans and top, no logos/branding or distracting patterns, nice shoes (not dirty worn trainers/tennis shoes) and no jewellery. You can show your own personal style but remember, agents are looking at your body and face. If you include a 10 second video, we also like to see how you move and what you sound like. So make sure your style is natural and friendly.

Please think carefully about piercings and tattoos. A lot of clients won't book a model if they have been branded with their own logos/tattoos. To be a well rounded model with limitless opportunities, think blank canvas and don't get any tattoos at all. The photos you'll need to submit are:

a) One front on face shot - should be from your collarbone up. b) One left and one right profile (face) shot c) One full length body shot d) One full length body profile shot

Add the photos as jpeg images in an email along with your real height, bust/chest, waist, hips, shoe and dress/suit size. It is not necessary to go into your life story about how this is your calling or your life long dream. Be quick and efficient and follow the directions just given. Do not email every single agent in each agency. Do your research. Look online to see which agency would be right for you. Each agency has one email submission address and one person who checks that email - called the Scout. More questions? 🤔Email:

Once you secure an appointment to meet with us, please note that we will ask for your social media feeds as all our clients ask to see if you are the right fit for their brand.

Every professional also model works really hard on perfecting their body, exactly like a professional athlete. What kind of workouts are you doing everyday? Thinking that you can just be slim is not enough if you get booked to be in front of the camera for eight (plus) hours a day. Constant changes, bright lights, changing hair do's, completely changing makeup for each photo... All this can lead to poor skin, dry hair and exhaustion if you're not in top shape.

Working on location will be gruelling if you are miles away from bathroom facilities, early morning starts with no place to buy food and drinks, blazing sun and no shade in winter clothes to freezing cold locations in swimwear for the upcoming summer campaigns. A model needs to be prepared with nutritious snacks and lots of water to stay hydrated. If you are out in the sun for hours, you'd better take sunscreen too. A make up artist will usually have it and will smother you in it, but don't rely on them. You need to be prepared for everything. Take your own makeup kit but do not alter the makeup that you are given. That is the clients direction. Make sure you take a good book or your homework. Don't run your phone down by being on it constantly. If you don't show an interest in the photographer, client or makeup artist, how can they show an interest in you?

All images by Elsa Dillon and her ace team

We work as a team. From the agency that books you the job, the client who thinks you are the right look, the photographer who has to make you look good, the hair and makeup artist who will be working with the clients image in mind, to you. You need to be healthy and have a happy disposition to keep working in the industry. Remember that the client will always report back on how well a model worked within the team.

To establish yourself as a model, you need to constantly be working with different photographers. It can be an expensive set up if you target the best photographers, stylists and hair & makeup artists. It is also up to the photographer whether they will shoot you. Timing can be an important factor. Also, if they have new fashions to shoot, they will be looking for the best models to shoot and show off the clothes in the best locations. Spring and Autumn collections are usually shot during the alternating months ie: summer in winter time, winter fashions are shot in summer.

As an agency, it is important to show a model in a range of different looks so a client can easily see how much experience you've had in front of the camera, working with many industry professionals. These shoots are called TEST shoots. These do not generally make it into the magazines. A professional shoot is when you get paid as a professional model. Magazine publications are usually for free or a minimal amount to the model as it is the prestige of being published and seen by sales of magazine - their circulation. This is important to note as a model. Cover girls have evolved over the years from magazines. Traditionally, we had models on the covers. in the late 90's it was believed to help sell a magazine, when the industry shifted from aspirational images of models, to actors and public figures.

Have fun and remember to shine!

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