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Model Search 2020

On Saturday the 7th March, Reel Management held our second Model Search in conjunction with the inaugural Gold Coast Fashion Project's Fashion Week. It was a huge success by anyone's standards as we had entrants from around Australia and even the world sending in applications.

The decision was very tough - a decision our panelists really struggled with this year. So much so, that we couldn't decide on just one young winner in the under 13's category. Evangeline was announced the winner but in a drama filled few days, it was decided that this would be a tied decision alongside Willow as equal winners. It came down to splitting hairs in the end and while we are always searching for new faces, Willow has shown huge improvement in all facets of the industry.

The Panel: Elsa Dillon was on hand to give her experienced voice to the panel, alongside Madison Fashion Magazine's representative, Emma Sutherland and couture designer Jacqueline Anne Atelier from New Zealand.

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