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Keep your eyes on the prize

Comparing yourself to another model is the worst thing you can do. That goes for the guys as well. Even if you have a similar appearance, you are still different. Your life and journey are yours alone. We can never predict whom a client will choose. All you can do, is keep focussed on your own style, keep healthy, take more pictures in different locations and outfits, work with different photographers, makeup artists and stylists for different results and stay positive. It's not up to your agent to help you stay positive. All the agent can do, is organise your portfolio/profile, submit you for the work when you fit the brief and liaise with clients to book you.

Untouched image by @reelfaces for @reelmanagementmodels of Trixie Meeves @trixie.meeves

You may have more of a commercial look. Your style may be quirky, while the model who looks like you does more high fashion. TV commercials and feature films pay more money and have more opportunities. Editorial models work for next to nothing as it is the prestige of working for the biggest labels and best photographers that will land them future paying campaigns or walking the runways around the world.

Image by Elsa Dillon and her ace team for 7Hues magazine

An editorial model will be in the pages of glossy magazines. They may not be termed "pretty" by their school peers, but they will have high fashion appeal. This will take them around the world.

As an agent, one thing we notice is models comparing themselves and we cannot stress enough the importance of only worrying about yourself. We close our books if there is any chance of having too many of the same type of model. This is also why we suggest taking classes. Acting classes, singing classes, play an instrument, read different books. Study your craft (photo posing, fashion design or working on your people skills for castings) as it all helps you become a well rounded and different individual who is in a league of their own.


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