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Happy Holidays!

Reel Management would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the kids (and parents) who drove to gorgeous locations such as our TARGET models - Mason, Noah, Archer, Ashton, Berhani, Brayten, Brodie, Jamie, Lachlan, Lila Rose, Mekonnen, Sahara and Willow to our kids on-set: Azura and Taylah

To Christina for including so many kids in the fabulous fashion shows from Brisbane main stage to Southport: Lily, Erin, Evie, Gretel, Ella, Phoebe, Imogen, Jiho, Krrish, Shivani, Scarlett and Chloe

#hanbok #celebrations #koreanfestival
Christina at the Southport Library QLD

The families booked: Heidi’s family, Sandra’s family and Michelle’s family, Amarni’s family, Alice’s family and Anika’s family

Our teens scoring TV commercials, TV shows and feature films: Abbey,  Alex, Brianna, Ben, Bonnie, Brock, Harry, Fiebi, Jett, Vanessa 

Our models booking jobs: Aaron, Amy, Angelina, Ashlea, Bec, Bree, Chris, Emma, James, Josh, Lara, Maddyson, Melanie, Nathan, Olasimbo, Sally, Sarah, Tanami, Wesley

Our emerging models for Carmody’s: Allyssa, Katelyn, Katie, Rachel


Our actors: Beau, Brock, Daniel, David, Jett, Nathan, William


Our Classic models: Adele, Aneta, Beba, Christina, Colin, Dylan, Haya, Jane, Jennifer, Karen, Kim, Kimberly, Lara, Michel, Pamela, Rob, Robyn, Sarah, Sue, Victoria, Tiffany and Warren

Tireless/unflappable intern Angel - Angelina - for continually booking work - both as a Model and a teacher, Angelina is also working as a model scout now too

The Fabulous Fiebi - thank you for your office organisational skills and your support


To the parents who have worked alongside me: Nean, Dee, Heidi, Jay, Vicki, Tiffany, Toni and Vivi

Not forgetting the Dillon family - Elsa, Richard and Gem Gem who catapulted countless models onto the international arena in serious fashion publications.. your work needs no words - the beauty you capture in each frame says it all

To everyone with us in 2018, even if you may not have booked work through RM (it might have been a timing issue with growth spurts and sizes, to a diversity issue, to ageing issues) sometimes we just have to practice patience and enjoy the process. You’ve been tireless in your enthusiasm and it shows me how much you care


This year, we were up against some odds. Closing the studio over the Commonwealth Games meant interruptions for two months (pre games, during and after the event) to losing two of our international models who booked work right up until they left and finally, hearing through the grapevine some untruths, even about us closing down the business. We kept going. Without you and your continued support, I would lose my purpose. Keep the faith

If your name was not on the above list, I want you to know that you may not have been chosen or fit the brief, but I will keep submitting you for everything that comes in where you fit the brief.. In my eyes you are a star

Super Star Hero

the final decision is always the clients choice, but I’m forever hopeful that I can top 2018's list of over 100 models names here next year, including yours <3

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