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GCFP presents Gold Coast FASHION WEEK

Why has there never been a Gold Coast Fashion Week..? We want to know! It's a town brimming with glamour and prestige, tourism and Hollywood. All the attractions from stunning sea and waterways to the mountain ranges and Hinterland. So we asked some locals if they thought GCFW would be something that the people of the Gold Coast could get behind - the Answer? A resounding YES PLEASE!!!

With that in mind, #GCFP are very busy contacting couture designers and kids fashion labels to put on an all inclusive runway experience for the City of Gold Coast.

Are you ready?! Really reel-y ready??!!

Reel Models will join the other agencies and unsigned models at the open casting call in February 2020 to compete for the coveted spots for designers from Australia and internationally.

There are three days of shows and #GCFP have promised to fill the runways with lots of models wearing all the labels across each event:

1. Multicultural Show - bringing together the vivacity and passion of culture from all continents including our indigenous fashion labels, to take centre stage on the massive U shaped 50' long catwalk.

2. Signature Couture Show is featured on Saturday night for an exciting look at the stunning designs of the finest fabrics that are tailored to perfection.

3. Kids Fashion Shows happen on Sunday - that's right, there are 2 x shows for kids = more opportunities to see your kids shine. Yay!

Tickets are on sale right now through Eventbrite to watch our local models and kids walk in the industry's best.

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