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Ellements Magazine and The Dillons

When first starting Reel Management, I knew that we couldn't represent models without international appeal. The way to get international publications was to seek out the best editorial photographers. I knew there must be some living locally (on or near the Gold Coast of Australia) and set about searching the area. I also knew that my best success as a model myself, was due to the fact that a brilliant photographer (Elsa Dillon) had taken my images - it propelled me to landing the most work at the time with commercials and shoots and campaigns happening every week in multiple.

I discovered Elsa was living in Byron Bay and approached her through the company listed but they rejected my queries. I had to get crafty and went about researching her through google and other means because I would not be put off. I knew our Reel models were of international standard. They really needed Elsa's incredible talent to show their natural beauty which she shoots against the stunning beach and mountain locations with a menagerie of horses, cats and dogs, her incredibly talented husband Richard Dillon and their eight children. Yes, you read that right. Eight children. Elsa has worked for major magazines such as VOGUE, Elle, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar and so many countless magazines.

This latest publication of Sophia Cornwell is featured in US magazine called Ellements and also include the bonus stunning footage shot by Richard Dillon. Richard is a photographer who saw the evolution to moving images and drone work as imperative to staying relevant in the fashion industry.

You can see examples of their work throughout reel and reel kids website. We are huge advocates of their images and work ethic. Predominantly fashion oriented, the Dillon family also work with brides and wedding parties, delivering beautiful images (both stills and footage) of weddings for those fortunate enough to book in.

Using the natural landscapes is a big asset which not only relaxes the model, it lends itself to the creative vision so that each shoot is unique and always fashion forward. Richard selects the audio that goes with his moving images to create a sensory experience that is timeless. This is why they are in such high demand and why I recommend them if you are serious about quality, fashion editorial images that the whole world loves to see.

The cut throat world of modelling has certainly changed over the years and what I am always in favour of showcasing, are the wonderful diverse people who feature on our sites. All ages and gender identities are welcome to create this kaleidoscope of models and showcase life in Australia.

When you book a shoot with the Dillon family, you get the added experience of sharing your time with the children. They are social and clever creative people in their own right from Jack who operates the drone, Gigi who does the makeup and Gem who loves to style the models in stunning designer collections. The other children get busy climbing the rocks, playing with your other family members and fishing to catch the fresh meal for dinner that night.

Is it any wonder that the publications and the world gets to view the best in the business? We are surely grateful for the close working relationship with Elsa and Richard (and their Family Team) and perfect proximity for our models to take to the international stage in such a way.

To view more of Richard and Elsa's work, you can check them on or head to their insta page here


US Magazine - ELLEMENTS Magazine @ellementsmagazine Photographer - Elsa Dillon @elsadillonphotographer Videographer - Richard Dillon @richarddillon111 Stylist - Ginger Dillon @gingerdillon1 HMUA - GiGi Dillon @gigi.dillon Model - Sophia Cornwell @sophiaacornwell Agent - Reel Management Models @reelmanagementmodels






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