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One of the pleasant and unforeseeable outcomes from owning a small business, is meeting the most wonderful, colourful and engaging people from all walks of life. I have not met Sandy face to face, but we have been email buddies (I think this used to be called "pen pals" many years ago) and he very kindly came on board as an accomplished entertainer for a feature film - we aren't allowed to mention which film at the publishing of this article due to confidentiality. Needless to say, that Sandy from GAP, has been very generous with his time and understanding. So when he asked my thoughts on his website, I was very impressed and asked if I could blog about it.

During C-19, we have been suffering a Life-Interrupted and sometimes it is all we need to find some direction again. Life coaching can provide that and you will be surprised at how you can grow and solidify your life.

What is the GAP Coach Approach?

Every organisation, no matter its reason for existing or its composition is made for growth and to become all that it can be. The Coach Approach is about taking our Life skills, having a belief system that allows us to use those skills to the benefit of others, and then putting that into practice daily.

In the church, group or community based setting it is specifically about taking Life skills and coaching someone - with genuine relationship and trust built over time – each time bringing them to a better place than when we first found them. Organically through a genuine, non-awkward approach, we then lead someone to their best life – in Jesus Christ. From there it is a matter of taking the Life skills and adding the Spiritual skills that can take them to the next level of living their best life.

GAP Coaching was commenced because we saw that so many people in life and in the business world have far too many gaps between where they want to be and where they are at. This means that if we can connect with you, we can help you determine where those missing pieces of the puzzle can be found and filled in. Our goal in life has always been to bring success and significance to who you ARE in life, so that what you DO follows your passion and purpose.


I love coaching and mentoring people and after many years of experience doing this informally I now have the Certification to help YOU take your lives and businesses to the next level!


WHAT DO WE ACTUALLY DO? We provide a coaching process that helps you get the most out of business in a corporate environment or on an individual basis. It’s about asking the best questions so you become all that you can be. We also provide a mentoring program that will take you through a plan that will help you develop the culture of your business and/or your life.

WHERE ARE WE LOCATED? We are located on the Gold Coast, but we will be happy to make arrangements to see you elsewhere in Australia subject to additional travel costs.

DO YOU DO GROUP SESSIONS? We most certainly do! We love getting a group together and creating a dynamic that brings a group of people to a new level. Check with us for group costs on an individual basis.

For more information, click on the link and discover GAP for yourself.

Phone: +61 403 059 132


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