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Brianna's break in the Biz

Gold Coast local girl Brianna, has now featured in a TV commercial - 100% role - speaking directly to camera where you will hear her voice in the soon-to-be-released YOUFOODZ TVC.

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Image by Keelie Hartigan for Reel Management

After signing up as a body double alongside Hollywood star Amber Heard in Aquaman, filming lasted a few months with Brianna on-set for long periods at a time. Brianna says she now has a bit of a taste for being in front of the camera in this capacity too. Brianna also booked work on DORA, the feature film will be released this year. Although she was booked as an extra in DORA, considered by some to be a step down in the industry, we hope she continues her success into 2019 and beyond. Training and classes with great coaches is certainly helpful. Schools such as Helensvale's The Warehouse Workshop are a step in the right direction for confidence. Brianna was able to secure these roles by fitting the brief set out by casting directors.


There are plenty of productions lined up with two blockbuster movies scheduled for January castings. TV series, TV commercials, photo shoots and catwalk are all in a days work for this beautiful blonde teen. You can read more of Brianna's story in the Gold Coast Bulletin here. We are so excited to share the successes of our kids, teens and classic talent with acting roles and modelling work. Reel Management are also very thankful to be mentioned in the news article along with Aussie Producer, Writer and Director James Wan. Thanks goes to the Gold Coast Bulletin, Bud Hopes Casting, James Wan, all the behind the scenes production crew who work tirelessly to make sure everyone is where they need to be, to Brianna's mum and dad for driving her to all the early starts and late finishes, Ben Parkinson, Youfoodz, all the crew and cast from DORA and thank you to you Dear Reader, for taking the time to browse this short article.

#amberheard #jameswan #aquaman #bodydouble #briannawalton
Image of Amber Heard, James Wan and Brianna Walton. Source unknown

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