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Are you a Role Model

Updated: Jan 28, 2018

There are many categories of modeling from runway, commercial, editorial.. and one that everyone fits into - Role Model. Be kind to your mother, be kind to your friends, all animals and your surroundings. Pick up after yourself and even others. We have a motto that we learnt from a famous photographer, which goes "take three for the sea". Every time you're at the beach, pick up any litter. Australia has the cleanest beaches but even straws and cigarette butts will kill the marine life. It’s not about yours or mine, it’s ours. #RoleModel #Model #savetheplanet #motherearth

Image by Elsa Dillon and her ace team for reel management

How to be a good role model:

  1. Clean up after yourself. In the kitchen, the living room and anywhere in public.

  2. Help with the household chores without being nagged.

  3. Stand up for anyone on public transport if you're able - you don't know what sort of day someone else has had.

  4. Remove your sunglasses when speaking to someone in the street. Don't check your phone or look around you. Pay attention.

  5. Be your own best brand. Your smile is your greatest asset to break the ice with everyone. From clients to other models, kids to old people. A smile goes a long way to make someone else feel good.

  6. Be positive and stay active.

  7. Learn how to do your own washing. Don't wait for mum or the cleaner to clean your room. If you start acting like a thinking, independent person, you'll feel more capable and have more confidence.

  8. Learn from any mistakes. It's ok. We all make them.

  9. Forgive yourself and others if they behave out of character. This world is getting faster all the time. The demands of school and work are bigger than ever before.

Photo of twins Carla and Lizzy by Elsa Dillon and her ace team Richard Dillon, Gem Gem Dillon and crew for reel management.

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