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**It can take up to four weeks to process your application due to the high volume of enquiries.

Please answer all questions with current details at the time of your application

You must be an Australian resident, currently living in Australia or have a valid work permit if from another country

What do you do for work? If you study (student in school) or work full time, then you won't have flexibility to work in this industry. Normal working hours are weekdays Monday to Friday from 7am to 7pm (depending. Sometimes it's a 4am start time and you'll have to factor in travel to and from the location)

Please provide the best email address and phone number because we use both regarding auditions and castings. You MUST respond in a timely manner, otherwise the jobs are snapped up by other models competing in the industry

Do you have reliable transport to get to castings and locations? Do you have flexibility to get around on different days without much notice? You can not be submitted for the casting if you cannot work on the days nominated by the production team (photographers, videographers, stylists, makeup artists - not to mention the schedule of the client) and vice versa. If you can make the job but not the casting, you won't be considered. If your parents or guardian are driving you around, do they have flexibility with their work?


You need professional commercial head shots to begin your career. This is non-negotiable. Please don't pay for a shoot by a photographer that has not been vetted by us. You will be wasting your money if the photos have been altered or filtered. 

Please be ready to send in digitals/polaroids (clear, bright photos against a plain wall. Head shot, 3/4 and full length. No sunglasses or hats/caps. NO DUCK FACE), a self tape (you on your smart phone saying your name and hobbies) including your current measurements - chest, waist, hips, shoe size and height

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 8.25.50 am_edi

Please fill out all the required measurements to make you a profile in the text

box below:


* height

* chest/bust

* waist 

* hips

* shoe

* dress/suit size 

* your sports, hobbies and awards listed in point form 

* your skills (examples: are you a stunt horse rider? Have you wrestled crocodiles? Do you deep sea dive? Are you an archer?)

Upload headshot
where do you live?

Please ensure you answer all requirements below before submitting. Thank you.

**PLEASE take your


sending the link 

models online application
actors online application

**PLEASE take your Instagram profile OFF PRIVATE BEFORE sending the link 

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