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Brisbane Fashion Week is casting 1st July

are you ready? Seriously?!

The Brisbane Fashion Week organisers have been in contact and our tallest and most experienced reel models have been invited to audition. Would you like to be considered? Have you got your comp card ready? Have you been eating healthy, drinking loads of water and looking after your body? If you wish to be considered, this online audition process may be right for you. It is interactive. You will need to send photos and videos of yourself. 

online audition for haute couture fashion week around the world

This online audition is all about you presenting your best catwalk for the international shows. As we progress post covid, you need to get laser focused to be considered for Brisbane Fashion Week, Byron Bay Fashion Festival, New Zealand Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and over to Europe. That's right, we have links with some of the biggest agencies in the world and we want to book you for the international shows just like our successful models who walked the runways in previous years. But you need to be better than the models you see on the catwalks for the major haute couture designers - Chanel, Versace, Fendi, Prada 


Let's start with a chat to camera. Follow the steps below:

VIDEO 1 - Chat to Camera

  1. Use your smart phone and turn it to LANDSCAPE not portrait

  2. Film yourself with today's date on a blank piece of paper including your date of birth, location and height (use a sharpie and write in capitol letters so it is clear from the video

  3. Film only your head and shoulders (close up) so we can see your face clearly

  4. Say your name, age, height and location

  5. Tell us about your fashion show experience, designers you have worked with, places you have worked

  6. Keep this video ID (chat to camera) over +45 seconds and under -2 minutes

Chat to Camera

You might need help for this video. We need to see your catwalk. Please film yourself

VIDEO 2 - Catwalk like you mean it!

  1. Catwalk up and back 3 x times in heels

  2. Find a long hall, outside on a driveway or anywhere where you can take long stride

  3. Keep your face fierce

  4. Keep your whole body on camera (turn your smartphone to portrait)


This video should be no longer than 1 minute

If you make it through to the next round, we will be in contact

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